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ESET Dynamic Threat Defense 500 - 999 User 500 - 999 license(s) 3 year(s)

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ESET Dynamic Threat Defense 500 - 999 User 500 - 999 license(s) 3 year(s)

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Quick Overview

Dynamic Threat Defense Years 3 User 500 - 999

Multilayered protection
Within ESET Dynamic Threat Defenses, ESET utilizes 3 different machine learning models once a file is submitted. After this process the sample is run through a full sandbox which simulates user behavior to trick anti-evasive techniques.

ESET Dynamic Threat Defense - screenshot
Unparalleled speed
Every minute counts. That is why ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is designed to analyze the majority of samples in under 5 minutes. If samples were previously analyzed, it simply takes a few seconds until all devices at your organization are protected.

Full visibility
Every sample analyzed by ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is listed in the “Submitted files” section of ESET Security Management Center, which also provides transparency for all data sent to ESET LiveGrid® - cloud malware protection system.


- ESET Mail Security automatically submits suspicious email attachments to ESET Dynamic Threat Defense.
- ESET Dynamic Threat Defense analyzes the sample, then submits the result back to Mail Security usually within 5 minutes.
- ESET Mail Security detects and automatically remediates attachments that contain the malicious content.

Automatic protection
The endpoint or server product automatically decides whether a sample is good, bad or unknown. If the sample is unknown, it is sent to ESET Dynamic Threat Defense for analyzing. Once analysis is finished, the result is shared and the endpoint products respond accordingly.

Mail Security protection
Not only does ESET Dynamic Threat Defense work with files, but it also works directly with ESET Mail Security, to ensure that malicious emails are not delivered to your organization.

Nowadays, employees are constantly traveling and not on premise. That is why ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is able to analyze files no matter where users are. The best part is that if anything malicious is detected, the whole company is immediately protected.

Tailored customization
ESET allows per-computer detailed policy configuration for ESET Dynamic Threat Defense so the admin can control what is sent, and what should happen based off the received result.
License levelG
License quantity500 - 999 license(s)
Number of years3 year(s)
Software typeElectronic License Delivery (ELD)
License level purchase required999 license(s)
System requirements
Minimum system requirementsESET Security Management Center
Distribution typeDownload
Manufacturer ESET
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