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ESET Endpoint Encryption Mobile 1 - 10 User Government (GOV) license 1 - 10 license(s) 2 year(s)

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ESET Endpoint Encryption Mobile 1 - 10 User Government (GOV) license 1 - 10 license(s) 2 year(s)

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Quick Overview

Endpoint Encryption Mobile Years 2 User 1 - 10

Real-Time Protection
Shields all applications and files in real time with ESET NOD32® proactive technology, optimized for mobile platforms.

Protects users from attempts to acquire passwords, banking data and other sensitive information by fake websites masked as legitimate ones.

On-Charger Scan
Allows to conduct a full device scan in off-peak hours when it is on-charger and the screen is locked.

SMS & Call Filter
Protects users from unwanted calls and SMS messages from hidden numbers, selected contact or phone number or during pre-defined time-period.

No Need for Dedicated Mobile Device Management (MDM) Tool
Provides the admin with a range of options to execute basic security policies across the mobile device fleet. The application automatically notifies user and admin if the current device settings are not in compliance with corporate security policies and suggests the necessary changes.

Device Security Settings:
- Set minimum security level and define the password complexity requirements
- Set maximum failed unlock attempts after which the device will automatically go to factory default settings
- Define when the screen lock code expires
- Set lock screen timer
- Prompt users to encrypt their mobile devices
- Block built-in camera usage
License levelA
License quantity1 - 10 license(s)
Number of years2 year(s)
License typeGovernment (GOV) license
Software typeRenewal
License level purchase required10 license(s)
System requirements
Minimum storage drive space200 MB
Windows operating systems supportedNo
Mac operating systems supportedNo
Mobile operating systems supportedAndroid
Distribution typeDownload
Manufacturer ESET
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